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To all Britains

To all Britains,

I want to ask for forgiveness to you, because I’ve sent this tweet some days ago:





I was in a state of illness. I had a bad relationship with my therapist who was also on holiday, so this made things worse rather than that my illness was relieved. I have already gave up my trust in my therapist and asked for an other.

I thought also that because of the fuck-up “smileys” things wouldn’t be that bad and I thought a provocation might be good. Also it wasn’t targeted against Scotland and Wales, but against England and especially it’s government, but it isn’t revealed in the text, I admit.

But I realize now this was no good tweet. Disrespectful, mad and harmful to Britains. It feeds anger and distrust and brings a deal for Brexit in danger.

A deal is highly needed and crucial for Europe, for Britain and as well as for the world in my opinion.

You might wonder if my words really had that much influence, but I think everyone on the internet is an influencer, certainly when you write kind of extreme things so now and then like I do. Also I sent my tweet to Joss Stone as you can see.

Let us also remind the following. On the cover of his book ‘Joseph and his brothers’ (Dutch translation) by Thomas Mann is written: “Reader, he (Thomas Mann) wants to say, there is hope for mankind, because whatever happens to a human, he is able to regret and forgiveness.”

I regret the words in my tweet, I really do, and ask the British people for forgiveness. Let madness, my madness in this case, not win and produce more madness. Afterall it’s just a tweet, a tweet by a freak maybe, but I am not a bad guy.

Let’s stand for peace and end aggressiveness. Britain and EU need to cooperate as much as needed to lead the world.


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